Solar - Adaptive Component and Computation method by Guillermo Parada - A simple device that tracks a light source.  Such a device can be used in satellites to keep the solar panels aligned with the sun, or in search and rescue robots that try to guide trapped people towards light.  In order to implement the solar seeker we used two Cadmium Sulfide (CdS) photocells and a servo motor that rotated the photocells. - How to make a light tracker using arduino & photoresistors. - Solar Feeds is the largest solar power news and commentary blog network on the web. - Sun tracking solar panel with Arduino. - Easy and simple homemade sun tracker. - Arduino Nano 2 axis solar tracker. - Stepper motors for a solar tracker project. - Hacking a solar panel. - Arduino solar tracker."Use two LDR's pointing in the same direction, but separated by a sheet of black cardboard/plastic/whatever. Unless they are facing the sun head on, one will show a very low value and one a very high as one is in the sun and the other is in the shade of the cardboard/plastic/whatever separator. If their values are not within a certain threshold of each other you tell the servo to run in the appropriate direction." - Sun tracking solar panel with Arduino. - Sun tracker/solar refrigeration. - Arduino solar tracking. - Solar tracker. - Arduino solar tracking. - More detail about Arduino solar tracker. - Arduino peak power tracker solar charger. - Hackers create Arduino-based, solar-powered waitless bus tracking system. - Hydrasolar - solar tracker. - DIY Arduino LCD backpack. - LED sensor solar tracker. - Solar tracker. - Solar tracking devices to increase the output of solar panels. - Solar tracking devices to increase the output of solar panels. - DIY sun tracker for solar panels.,com_seyret/Itemid,2/id,227/task,videodirectlink/ - This tracker is lashed up from two solar cells salvaged from solar garden lights and a maxon geared motor. - Solar tracker. - Heliostat sun tracker. - Solar hot water panel with sun tracker.
- A source for solar energy products. - Solar energy blog. -Open source ecology is a movement dedicated to the collaborative development of tools for replicable, open source, modern off-grid "resilient communities." - This research project examines the changing role of public space in the context of increased information flows. - The Voltaic solar bags are solar chargers designed to charge virtually all handheld electronics. - Finally finished my solar collector prototype. - Solar power projects. - Solar array geometry. - Solar battery charging. - Robotic solar powered sunflower. - Solar PV tracker. - Silicon Solar manufactures and distributes a large selection of residential solar panels, solar cells, lights, fountains and hot water systems. - Portable, solar AC power. - 12-foot-tall, sunflower-inspired solar panels are part of a permanent art installation in Texas.
- The Adaptive Building Initiative (ABI) is a joint venture between Buro Happold and Hoberman Associates dedicated to designing a new generation of buildings that optimize their configuration in real time by responding to environmental changes.