Why are we interested in “Heliotropic Smartsurfaces?” What constitutes a heliotropic smart surface? As you might surmise, the word heliotropic means that which follows the Sun. But what do we mean by a smart surface? What makes a surface smart, and why would we be interested in a smart surface, as opposed to a smart, but bulk material?


This exercise prompts you to propose, develop, deconstruct and implement an idea based on the principles of an interactive, heliotropic smartsurface. The smartsurface concept should constitute a set of functionalities that otherwise exist in 3-dimensional space, collapsed into an ostensibly 2-dimensional space, thereby gaining additional functionality and/or appeal.

This exercise is intended to get you thinking about the scalability of your ideas and feasibility of their implementation. The brainstorming you do should be more structured, with the objective of developing enough ideas and potential pathways to pursue in the following two weeks. You should produce something that is either a tangible prototype, or a very clear indication (with detailed drawings, diagrams, perhaps computer models) of what you will be building in the ensuing two weeks. The results of this exercise will be presented on October 16.

You should restrict your work to the tools and approaches covered in class thus far. This exercise values creativity in the face of constraints.

More images HERE and HERE.